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By Brooke Stevens

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Pink lotus flower decoration
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Brooke encourages believers

                                                                         to grow in their faith to strengthen their foundation in the Lord. Her stories of first-hand experiences of the difficulties a believer faces when they backslide teaches others the importance of growing in the Lord.

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Her Message of a Complete Lifestyle

Change Reaches

Her desire is to aid the church in the growth of believers.

the unbeliever to come to know Jesus. 

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Brooke is passionate

                                                       about missions. After her trip to China, she wanted to reach as many people as possible with the good news of Jesus.


A portion of donations she receives support Innerlight Ministries’ overseas feeding programs, orphanages, placing Bibles into the hands of believers and Frankfort Camp Ministries.

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Fayin Teaching Ministries Has Also

Donated 25 Bibles

and donated to LifeChange Community Church’s youth group mission trip to Pennsylvania where the teens volunteer in soup kitchens, thrift stores and volunteer labor.

to a teen retreat for the attendees,

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