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By Brooke Stevens

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Brooke Stevens in front of Asian temple and pond

                                                                   is to encourage others to grow in their faith. After a suicide attempt at age 18, she now shares her own, and the testimonies of others, to inspire women toward hope and spiritual growth in the Lord.

Brooke Stevens' mission

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Brooke Stevens headshot in front of tree
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Brooke Stevens desires

                                                               to help plant, cultivate, water and fertilize seeds of faith. She leaves the growing up to God. She was born again in 1997, at age four. After her family began sporadically attending church, she drifted away from God. The day before her 19th birthday, she attempted suicide. The day after her birthday, she rededicated her life to Christ. She lives passionate to help others find hope in Jesus.

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Fa (Fah) - send out                      Yin (Yin) - voice

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Brooke Stevens is a

                                                         speaker, writer, teacher survivor, and storyteller who desires to lead women to the feet of Jesus so they can be equipped for the journey of life.

Brooke shares devotionals and about this ministry during Sunday Church Services. These devotionals are an added Spirit-filled message to the Pastor’s sermon. Additionally, she shares for Ladies Retreats, and Ladies’ Days activities for women-based church events. Frequently, she has led the ladies in a step-by-step painting with either devotional messages or scripture verses shared throughout the painting.

Brooke Stevens behind a podium, holding a mic
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Her stories of first-hand experiences of the difficulties a believer faces when they backslide teaches others the importance of growing in the Lord. Her message of a complete lifestyle change reaches the unbeliever to come to know Jesus. Her desire is to aid the church in the growth of believers.

Encouraging Believers to Grow

in Their Faith 

to strengthen their foundation in the Lord. 

Brooke Stevens in front of temple and orchid flowers
Map outline of China

In 2014, Brooke went on a

                                                                               mission trip to China and realized that many people around the world do not have access to a Bible. She visited orphanages and encouraged persecuted believers. She saw first-hand the importance of daily living for Christ. The believers shared of God’s goodness and they inspired her with stories of miracle after miracle of the Lord watching over them.

Woman public speaking and audience members raising their hands

Brooke is Available For Young

Adult and Women's Retreats,

conferences and events.

Contact Brooke at to book her as a speaker for your next event.

Please consider joining in prayer for this ministry.

Prayer is the most cherished and greatest asset to ministry.

Fayin Teaching Ministries logo cross

After Her Mission Trip to China,

This Led Brooke

to start Fayin Teaching Ministries

in the beginning of 2021, a ministry to share about the Lord and growing in Him with others Fayin is Chinese. ‘Fa’ means to ‘send out’ and ‘yin’ means ‘voice.’

Vintage book open with purple flowers

                                                             Faith, Hope and Love: Building on a Christ-Centered Foundation, Identity in Jesus and The Bible is Calling. Brooke’s devotional, Heavenly Hope was published in the book Anchor in the Storm. This book is available through purchase by contacting Brooke at

Brooke teaches about:

Anchor in the Storm book
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